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NFL Jerseys China it has been to no avail

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NFL Jerseys China it has been to no avail

Postby yueyrt1Wzb » 14 Jan 2018, 01:08 •  [Post 1]

Teresa Lalltoo, the mother who gave birth to a 3.2kg dead baby girl on Monday, April 20, last, at 1:50am at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC), with the support of her family will be initiating a campaign called ‘#Justice4Teresa’ at the level of social media.This is one of the initiatives the family will be engaging in to ensure that justice is served.With the hope of bringing to the forefront the negligence that continues to be carried out by health practitioners attached to health facilities in Guyana, likes of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will be encompassed.The family is adamant that poor decisions and calls by doctors and nurses at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH) were the main factors that led to the still born delivery.It has been opined that negligence by health institutions in Guyana is an ongoing issue that continues to be swept under the rugs by way of prolonged investigations which with time eventually fades away.Lalltoo, a second time expectant mother,NFL Jerseys From China, was admitted to the WDRH on Saturday April 18, 2015 with what was thought to be regular labour pains but these soon dissipated as the day went on leaving her with only a cervical dilation of 3cm and a failure to progress to the ideal 10cm.Because of this, the next day, the doctors opted to put her on oxytocin drips to assist with inducing her pain and contractions; a bad choice, in light of the fact that there was no one available to staff the operating theatre should the worst case scenario have occurred.After what one of the doctors, according to the mother, called “an experiment,” they decided to rupture her water bag since she had dilated to about 6cm. It was at this point that all the problems started, Miss Lalltoo reported, because as soon as they did that the umbilical cord came out and got lodged in the vagina.This constriction caused the baby to receive a diminished supply of blood,NFL Jerseys 2018, causing a decreased heart rate and eventually death of the foetus itself.Seeing what had gone wrong the doctors attempted to replace the cord and tried to birth the baby normally but were unsuccessful, only causing damage to the mother herself.With no staff for the theatre at the WDRH, she was subsequently rushed to GPHC where the baby was delivered the following day, dead.This has left the family distraught. In pursuit of justice, they have approached numerous persons but instead of getting answers they were met with more questions.The mainstay of their solution is for some investigation to begin as to what the issues were surrounding this situation as well as the persons accountable.Over two weeks has passed since this tragedy and Teresa is now at home recovering. The family has claimed that her state is far from recovered.She is not only suffering emotionally at her loss but physically as well,Cheap Jerseys Online, due to the damage dealt to her by the unprofessionalism of the doctors whom she had the misfortune of being under their care.Lalltoo remains almost bed ridden since she continues to experience excruciating pain when she tries to walk; even mere turning brings her great discomfort and despite using the painkillers which she was given, the pain continues,NFL Jerseys Supply, almost debilitating.She has even reported falling when trying to stand up because of the pain but despite all of this,Cheap Jerseys From China, Teresa still wants justice because she remains steadfast that her baby’s death was no accident.Although her family has made great efforts in contacting the relevant personnel, it has been to no avail, with each of the hospitals that afforded her care as well as the Chief Medical Officer in light of their further plan of action.When the Chief Medical Officer was contacted, his secretary who had been most helpful was willing to provide information but it was of little to no help since all that was known at that point was that no investigation had begun.Reports which were supposed to have been sent some 24 hours after the incident by both hospitals had not been sent as yet.Therefore in spite of the fact that the CMO is aware of the situation and all that occurred, he still cannot proceed with a proper investigation if the WDRH and GPHC do not provide a full report.The CMO recently disclosed that he has since summoned both WDRH and GPHC to give a detailed report of what transpired the day of Lalltoo’s admission to the each facility.  However,Wholesale Authentic NHL Jerseys, to this date there has been no development in the investigation.To make matters worse, when the family tries to contact any of the administration officers or doctors at WDRH, they are either met with shut doors or absent staff, as if they were being avoided, one family member said.“This issue does not end here,” was the statement used by the brother of the distraught mother. And indeed, it does not end there since plans are in place to not make this a legal matter should sanctions not be taken against those responsible for the death of the infant of Teresa Lalltoo.Sanctions are expected against such persons and measures put in place to prevent any occurrence of the sort at this self proclaimed “premier health care institution.”Adding to this, “Justice4Teresa” will be proposed to the next government seeking seminars and conferences to enhance and educate others of topics concerning what should be expected from health care providers and when should the line be drawn at being given poor health care.#Justice4teresa is also expected to join other women activist groups and mothers who have lost their children under similar circumstances in protest actions and will also combine resources to channel the best legal help for said mothers.
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